Home  of  the  former-former  Computing  Society  from  IT-Tallaght,  Dublin,  Ireland

The Bumpff

With help from his rabble DB led the charge and kicked it off. In the years that followed a few of us played games, a few dodged lectures, some of us wrote nothing but perl, some ambled the hours away on IRC, some had some fun with caching ftp clients, some of us found wives and by extension others found husbands, PF turned the world into a PHP front end with a MYSQL backend, AW built the sites, AS ran the boards with TC adding the puns, NL ran the show for a solid year, GG brought the loveliness, JC nailed it all shut, Monster, ND n' CQ prised it open again, some of us even got a degree, more of us didn't but we all got a shot at a career in tech support!

To think most people spend their college years chasing women or men and drinking cans. To their shame they'll never know the simple pleasure of being in a 'nix soc. So folks if you stumble across this we're still here and if you know the secret knock get in touch.